We have spent the last 30 years becoming a successful distributor of polished loose diamonds in the industry.  Selling DIAMONDS to retailers around the islands require sources worldwide and strong long-term relationships up and down the diamond pipeline.

However, every DSI client can expect our singular dedication to the highest quality of service whether they are searching for a single stone or diverse stock for an entire chain of stores.  We look forward to seeing you in Honolulu, Hawaii to learn more.

For your business, large or small, we assure a variety of selection and wide availability in:

  • All shapes and sizes from 0.10ct to extreme size of 10.00 ct
  • Parcels, single stones, matched pairs and layouts
  • Certified stock from GIA and EGL
  • Premium cuts to excellent cuts in all shapes
  • Natural fancy colored diamonds (available loose and in one of a kind custom jewelry forms)
  • Clarity enhanced and HPHT

Visit our showroom in Honolulu today or call (808) 955-3737 for diamonds that will last a lifetime.

Our values

  • Quality:  We carry TOP quality diamonds and specialize in the finest cut diamonds.  Beautiful diamonds available at any cost.


  • Integrity:  We do not compromise on trust and integrity.  Diamond education is vital to the success and confidence of our clients and their consumers.  We highly value face to face business.


  • Service:  Immediate Service is our Top Priority and Responsibility.  We will meet ANY of your diamond needs.  Your diamond requests will be delivered within minutes up to 24 hours.  Since we are a local company there are no shipping costs!


  • Relationship:  We value your relationship as much as we value your business!  We strive to build strong, long-term relationships with our clients.


With our worldwide offices and extensive network of connections, we see much of the diamond production first hand.  We make satisfying our customers our first priority.  We buy from a large selection and variety of diamonds often before other manufacturers and dealers can view it.


DSI promises and delivers results by a combination of nimble, modern technology, availability of information, and worldwide access to communication. Our services work at the speed of light with the knowledge developed through centuries of diamond trading.


  • For 30 years, DSI has traditionally delivered the very best service to every customer in Honolulu and beyond.

  • For 30 years, DSI has placed our reputation for integrity behind every diamond we sell.

  • For 30 years, DSI has maintained the intimacy and accountability of a family business.

  • For generations to come, We want to provide the quality, trust and opportunities we have developed with a global footprint to diamond dealers and retailers.

Why choose us?

  • Cash for diamonds and gold
  • Wholesale prices
  • Fully licensed
  • Reputable and trustworthy
  • High quality at low prices
  • Custom designs available
  • We will travel to you
  • Over 35 years experience

Serving All of Honolulu, Hawaii, and  The Pacific

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